U-turn Invitation

There are many parts of me that I am not comfortable with. Mostly because I did not design myself, and perfect health has eluded me. So, I would need to find out all I can about the design, the ingredients, structures, plan, and purpose for my design to feel comfortable in my own skin. Let … More U-turn Invitation

His Steps In Me

When God created the Heavens and the Earth, each Day was a Gift of Light, Authority, Fruitfulness, Peace, Joy, Love, and intimate communion between Himself and you. His story includes you, and me, and our community in Life. His Spirit growing within us, enlarging Love and our place within Him.

Prophetic Feelers

There is some audio tapes, mp3s, etc., by Randy Clark and Jim Gall. Jesus is ministering through you, has invited you to feel the passion, and if you are fortunate, can quickly find the sufferer. It is 100% Jesus wanting to heal them of what you are experiencing. From my experience, it was similar to … More Prophetic Feelers

The New Air

There is a current trend that because I am feeling better, I am eating larger, and in the old manner or habit of eating.  I have been recouperating from heart surgery for about three months now. I guess you can say that feeling poorly isn’t a habit, but a condition. Here this becomes the battle … More The New Air