Over the past 58 years of my life I was aware of a pursuit only dimly.  I thought life was supposed to be about something different…like who had the most stuff, who was the richest, but I was like every other human born on this planet, I really needed my Daddy.   Yet, when you are adopted, there is a hole, that needs filling.  What I discovered, everyone who had been born to an earthly father was still like me, they had the same hole I did.

Re-fulfillment is the driving purpose of our lives.  Our choices determine what we fill that hole with, and how long we get to keep what we store there.  In fact, what we store there becomes where we live from.  The hole is within our very core, in our heart.  This is the treasure you have heard so many talk about.  So it is very important that we don’t take our life’s mission lightly.

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