Seeing Through God’s Eyes

I treasure the people in my life much more these days. They are teaching me to be gentle with myself, to flow in the goodness and kindnesses, and to view the world differently. Even when the world in media seems a threatening and destructive hurricane.

I am going to repost a conversation that shows care, and consideration without an agenda.

Let me know if you felt a difference.

It features a writer who has written books, so the first photo is that which was published.

Then the conversation of inquiry for clarification began, and then I thought I heard God speaking.

It reminded me that to focus God’s love for the one I am speaking with, speaking about, writing to, and writing about, I need to move into the living room of God, into His eyes, to understand and flow in that love as He pours it out of me, with such intentionality. It is a place available to anyone who asks genuinely.

The participants of actual conversation have names changed, the intention to communicate with the reader is based on sacred respect. Not one small reed is bruised.

Reader…Question: Wouldn’t it be the other way around? Like- Your altitude in Christ will determine your attitude to the world.

Author…I argue in “Insurgence” that what hinders us from seeing Christ (in fullness) is our allegiance and attachment to the world. The order is – “repent” and “believe.”

Reader…Right, I get that. What I’m saying is that putting Christ first will change your perspective. I think I ur attitude toward the world is determined BY our altitude in Christ, not the other way. If our focus is on Him and His Kingdom we will have nothing (allegiance) left for the world.

I don’t think we disagree on the issue, just maybe the phrasing of the meme. It just seems that the meme puts the focus (or priority) on “attitude towards the world” affecting our “altitude in Jesus Christ,” which I’d say our attitude towards Christ affects our attitudes towards everything else.

Author…The meme statement is making a very specific point about growth in Christ, not about first coming to Him. Many believers are wedded to the world and *therefore* they can’t grow further in Christ as a result. Even when they hear revelation about Him, their eyes don’t open because of the attachment to the world. There must be a disentangling before they can “see” and go higher. Review section 4 of the “Insurgence” which explains this aspect. Esp. in relationship to addictions and how they hinder spiritual growth (altitude). That is what the meme is focusing on. It’s not focusing on Part 1 of the book, which is the initial call and response.

Reader…I see what your saying and agree wholeheartedly. Our attitude towards the world limits our altitude in Christ, though out attitude toward the world is built on our view of Christ. Right?

Author… Yes, initially, but I’m focusing on the former in this statement. For instance, I’ve preached the glories of Christ to a group of people and some of them “saw” the Lord and were dumbfounded and grew as a result, while others didn’t hear or see anything. The latter were still wedded to some aspect of the world and refused to let go of it, so they heard the same words, but it fell on deaf ears. Paul essentially said the same thing in 1 Corinthians 3:1-3. That’s the point I’m making. Blessings to you.

Reader…Thanks for sharing

But then….

Did you recognize the land monument in the picture?

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