Flames. Aug 27, 2008

I am thinking that if the Lord’s love for me includes absolute care for every detail of my being, body soul, and spirit, that flows from the Father, guides my path and is my way, and if every little moment of time on this earth means much more on so many levels in this realm, and so much on all the other realms,that Peace given from the Father is attainable….and Security..assured..and he uses angels in more ways that we can count, and is teaching us our authority, and our place in His story, in His family.  How much more could we know about these things, feel about these things, eat, drink, and breathe these things, and still doubt about our place of worship.
Because True Love is Free, and must be freely given and received, God has restricted himself and restrained Himself to our choice.  The commander of all time and destiny, by His own choice of will, waits upon us and our choices.  Opportunities and circumstances are His to command….His will is what all of creation obeys….and while he waits upon our choices…to grow us to pure body, soul, and spirit worship, he will use our life to shape us, and to grow us.  Disciplined and pruned, we grow more fruit….ah….but this is the fruit of Pure Love. Now, how secure do you feel, and how precious is the next person you meet in God’s eyes. All God’s witnesses, all God’s eyes, are watching and waiting to see the love from Him grows through you to others and what fruit will it bear. Let His words be uttered on your tongue, guarded as one guards a true flame of love.

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