Getting Off The Gerbil Wheel

Here is my gerbil slave rant…

I found a .gov paper on MTHFR and then another video on insulin resistance. Did you know that all these years, 15 long years, I have been told I couldn’t get a fasting insulin test. And if I could, there was nothing I could do about it! And it wouldn’t tell me anything. I was told I could only work at the problem by keeping my blood sugars down. And of course type two diabetes was incurable…..

Between this video and the paper I just found,

I have concluded I am tired of the lies! I have been trying to verify the MTHFR connection and perhaps the speaker this video,

just to verify if I made the right connection? In hyperinsulinemia, the real type two diabetes, the insulin doesn’t always drop when blood glucose drops…. and is what they now call diabetes type three…. leading to Alzheimer’s. We have chased A1c till we are blue in the face all the while not being able to stop the degradation of our bodies due to too much insulin. And no end in site for getting off the drugs because of inability to lower insulin. So, the nutritional protocols are not normally available to people who seek to be off the medical industry lying gerbil wheel….

Many pieces of the information we have been fed has lead to being dead. The food pyramid is totally wrong, and it has been wrong for as long as the information about the gene mutations affecting a third of many countries’ populations was published. The human genome broke the issue wide open. Many countries have papers of studies based on the genetic testing, identifying 30-70 percent of populations with methylation deficiencies and toxicity depending on parentage, that suffer from supplements with incorrect folic acid which not only does not meet the metabolic methylation need, it now blocks the receptors to receive proper methylation. Fatigued compromised systems result.

Watch those links, see what you think when verifying by doing your own research, it is out there. It is mentioned that methylation effects every cell in your body, and disrupting the body systems could be a basis for 70-100-120 widely different syndromes, diseases, and deficiencies.

Why synthetics will not work for this effected population, the 30-70 percent, is the major engine of all the commercials I have seen this past week, on all media platforms, promoting drugs for many of of these diseases and syndromes. Odd when supplements, nutrition and whole new approach to healing is better than more drugs. And it is not available by conventional western medical practices. . . .YET…

I switched from non synthetic Methyl-tetrahydrofolate over synthetic folic acid and B12 as methyl-cobalamin, it is all about the correct methyl hydrogen groups…..

My experience has been encouraging, as I switched to the non synthetic versions. I am consulting with a functional professional, for proper steps in removing toxins and replacing that with nutrition that feeds methylation. But, I looked, did my reading, and cross referencing for authors.

There is a reason why we are searching for feeling better, we have work to be doing.

But, This begs the better question, if these studies were available, what do you see as the benefit to the drug company or medical clinics promoting their versions as stated on the commercials.

Challenge, search your favorite engines for MTHFR and any of the commercials you see. Perhaps you will find a paper or two to read 😁

And I didn’t find 100% agreement to my theories, but I then researched those sources and found trolls, propaganda proponents for the drug companies or the conventional medical community.

But, changes happen slowly, even when people are dying.

Dr. Ben Lynch, Dr. Andrew Rostenberg, speaker Amy Berger on Alzheimers’, nutrition Dr Eric Berg, plus papers….

In all of the research, there has been one word “epigenetics” and the ability to ameliorate programming. This then comes down to seeking Peace for your heart, mind, spirit and soul, and your body, honoring your body as fully as you honor the Peace for your neighbor.

One thought on “Getting Off The Gerbil Wheel

  1. I realize there may be a better way to approach the lack of knowledge I experienced in the past five years, and that being a bit angry means I have a neurological methylation imbalance too! And God is showing me just how many cells are in my body, about as many stars in the universe He created. Oddly, it makes more sense now.

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