U-turn Invitation

There are many parts of me that I am not comfortable with. Mostly because I did not design myself, and perfect health has eluded me. So, I would need to find out all I can about the design, the ingredients, structures, plan, and purpose for my design to feel comfortable in my own skin. Let alone be comfortable with who I am, but wait, why does your opinion of me mean so much to me, probably more than it should, right?

I know there is a vast majority of people who didn’t think about it, and went with the enjoy themselves exclusively plan, learning themselves along the way, and when they got spanked, just figured out or planned how not to get caught. For them, life may have evolved to a game of elusion. These may or may not have become predatory, or dangerous to some or all of the rest of us.

This leads me to wonder if the choice of ones imaginary unseen friends has everything to do with the cultivation of the “it’s me or them” life choices. In this case choice may prelude the seeing. The unseen friend has a voice, a smell, perhaps a color, and an atmosphere surrounding them. The more they engage this vision, the more prolific the engagements become. Eventually, often despite character building parental attempts, the lifes’ personality is set with a familiar friend as a guard of self.

There is an old proverb that says train up a child for when he has a choice, he may return to his true source. The ultimate U-turn invitation. Some parents knew their child’s life may someday depend on the little songs of “Jesus Loves Me” and “Patty Cake.” They just placed these suggestion seeds of love, light, promise, grace and forgiveness as often as they could.

Some parents made no such deployment, but often Great Aunts, crazy aunts, Grandmas and Grandpas who had specifically partnered with Love to bring Love’s sonship, identity, and atmosphere, planting seeds to be remembered during life’s trials and hardships.
Love never fails, has never lied, and will always rescue the lost one from life’s cliffs.

Life has more and more opportunities for U-turns as we get older. Just look at our regrets. Even if some circumstances worked out, our mind hasn’t caught on yet.
Fortunately, for every successful U-turn, our true life’s identity emerges, our purpose, and the plan for Love’s family, for the Tribe, we see with the eyes of Love. U-turns cleanse lives, and relationships. Real changes begin, and lives begin to realize joy, even in what had been a bitterness. Soon, we begin to understand the purpose of the U-turn. Everything after that is life in the tribe one with another. We learn to be less judgmental, and more helpful. Even us chatty ones can find the sweetness of quiet, much to everyone’s enjoyment. Truth is, each one feels thankful for the way of the life of the U-turn.


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