Prophetic Feelers

There is some audio tapes, mp3s, etc., by Randy Clark and Jim Gall. Jesus is ministering through you, has invited you to feel the passion, and if you are fortunate, can quickly find the sufferer. It is 100% Jesus wanting to heal them of what you are experiencing. From my experience, it was similar to their teaching. That you can hear His words about the issue, possibly how it began as a mind set surrounding the trauma. It is for expression of the Faith of Christ, through believers. Often, a short discussion about their permission to receive prayer, it is the Lord’s intercession, and your pain may or may not go as theirs leaves, and healing occurs. Often, there is communion between myself and the Lord to properly praise Him for including me as He pours the application of His blood through…me…. awestruck every time. The communion is truly revaluation all. And then I am free of that burden as well. What is often not my stuff, leads me to find a resolution, communion is key to release.

Why Do We Sometimes Feel Pain Physical 
or Emotional During Ministry to Others?

Explaining Prophetic Feelers

For all of you that are interested in being used by God in healing or deliverance there is a phenomenon that occurs during ministry that requires an answer. That phenomenon is what occurs when God allows the person ministering to experience the physical or emotional pain of another person. For me this happens quite frequently. Sometimes more than I admit to liking.

If you are among those unfamiliar with this experience let me give you an example.  A few weeks ago my co-worker came into the office and approxmitely 5 minutes into her visit I felt a sudden sharp pain go up my back. I say sudden because it came upon me without warning but it continued for quite some time. It didn’t take more than another 5 minutes for her to say how…

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