The New Air

There is a current trend that because I am feeling better, I am eating larger, and in the old manner or habit of eating.  I have been recouperating from heart surgery for about three months now.

I guess you can say that feeling poorly isn’t a habit, but a condition. Here this becomes the battle of feeding the muscles no more than they need. Here becomes the battle of soothing emotions without causing more strain on the liver.  Stress has the ability to reinvent the inflammation condition if it is not dealt with.

The sodium swings due to foods containing preservatives is a deadly cocktail for most Americans, firstly because we are easily moved by our addictive tendencies. Unless your addictive tendency is to control your intake, to deal with your emotions, and live life in the flow, our health seems to suffer.

To this point, my focus was on developing a daily experience of exercise. I hated it, mostly because the benefits seems to appear only after repeated encounters. But as I gained strength, I kept feeling better after each workout. Who knew?  This is how we were designed, to be energized as a whole being.

I hadn’t liked sweat. But now my body was easing into and out of aerobic heartbeats in utter relief of finally getting to run, to sprint, and feel the extra oxygen do its intended work.  A glory sheen?

So, I am still pursuing what to develop into standards for myself, now I may be able to speak much more clearly.


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