Experiencing or Knowing?

There is a great beyond in the Bible called the experience of the story. Once I heard the word, His Story was our story, it was as firm as reading. Because it was between Him and Me, it validated and yet shook my boundaries I had placed on the relationship, it caused me to trust my friend..

Permissions and authority are only given to those in the relationship of friend. I could judge no one. But I was given authority to go after what was hounding them, the non human… Everyone unique in expressing Him, and everyone is growing. There is no time to defend, that is a waste.

Our relationship with each other is not predicated on us being at the same discovery points, or think alikes. Our relationships with each other come from how you walk in God’s eyes, does love make allowances for the individual path of discovery.

Labels are a form of rejection, God has not labeled you. In fact, His business is to gently and persistently remove the labels you label yourself with. Such has been my experience, I apologize for none, and treasure all of it.

It is the treasured blessing of I AM.


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