There is Someone Out There…Feeling Used and Abused…

Keys of intentional change.

crying woman

I had a word of Knowledge for someone recently and the Lord then told me “This is a corporate word for the body.” Here is the word…

There is someone out there… You are feeling used and abused, like no one appreciates you. To a degree you are feeling it because there is a lack of appreciation from the people in your life. But this is a spiritual thing you are dealing with. The people around you truly love you and could not do without you. They are distanced from you by a spiritual dynamic and the Lord will change it. God has big plans for you. Bigger than you know. I will share more about dealing with this a little later today. Just know that I am praying for you

My Own Journey.

I have experienced this myself several times and the Lord has given me instruction during these…

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