How My Back Was Finally Healed (Gospel of Remission)

Helpful realistic healing attitudes, practices, and experiences for the sons and daughters of this generation. By my friend Matt.

The Matt Evans Blog

A year and some months ago I injured my back. I’d previously taken a sedentary yet very time and energy consuming job. Six days a week, 12-14hrs a day of sitting is a great way to de-condition your lower back and improve the likelihood of injuring it.

Then I tried to go straight into doing the same kinds of intense exercises I’d done before, such as 300lb tire flips followed by power clean and presses (an Olympic style lift) at the same weight I’d used when I’d been doing that regularly a couple years earlier, before the sedentary job.

Bad idea. I quickly tore muscles in both sides of my lower back.

When I was younger, if I’d gotten out of shape, I could just get right back into doing what I’d done before, go hard, and pretty soon I’d be right where I’d left off. No problem. It seems…

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