What is your New Name?

So much light, and I AM so close, Living One….👑

New Heaven on Earth!


Something is changing; do you feel it? Something is stirring; do you sense it? Something is different; do you perceive it?

What name do you have written on your forehead? These are strange words that speak of names in Revelation that you don’t want (Rev 17:5) and a “new name” you really, really, really do! “Written on your forehead” seems to refer to our prefrontal cortex, indicating our conscious intention. Is your conscious intention to be one with Heavenly Father, the Father of Jesus the Christ, the Creator of heaven and earth? Or is your intention to be your own god, let your ego be spiritualized or religious, and never delve deeper into your true hidden identity? Has your mind been made up to follow the True Shepherd all the way to the green pastures, still waters and soul restoration? Or are you still following religion and spiritual paths…

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