Soul’s Journey!

Be moved by compassion.

New Heaven on Earth!

pathway to sky

The pinnacle of our soul’s journey is the marriage supper of the Lamb! The Great Dinner, the Wedding Banquet, is celebrating the union of our soul and the Spirit of God in our living body! We are NOT our body; our body on earth is a temporary tent where impure spirits dwell until the Holy Spirit and fire consume them so God can tabernacle in our tent!

Remember? Holy Spirit reminds us of the Truth! “Arouses us by way of reminder…we put off our temporary body [tent]” (2 Peter 1:12-15) for greater heavenly bodies! Our body becomes a temple for God, a tent of his Presence flowing with the Holy Spirit river!

Rebuilding an external temple is a fallacy of the world who believe “cleverly devised myths instead of the POWER, majesty, honor and glory of Christ who came from the Majestic Glory” 2 Peter 1:16-17. Jesus said no stone…

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