The new thing is God IN YOU, his Son in you, his Spirit in you, his anointing (Christ) in you!

For the past few years, I have felt I missed the Glory.  Recent repostings will show you what has helped me focus on the Joy, smile, and laughter of the One who knows me best, Father, so these I share.  In the natural, I am very bubbly, wordy, and perhaps seemingly not all there. In the Spirit, it seems to me that I do not yet have adequate words that the human language could possibly paint for you a simple picture.

Recently, symptoms of decay has me searching for why we partner with the Spirit to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.  When I focus on affirmations from the physical, I seemed like the double minded picture, half desert, half beautiful lake, a tree half dead and a tree full of life, and a bridge from you to the tree…  Somewhat bi-polar in thought.

So, in spirit, strengthening my love in Christ, sitting with Father on the seat of Rest, in Yeshua, I found Yod He Vau He…breathed in, inspired in, inspiration… And found His conversation within my ears and heart.  Thankyou Yvonne for the words of the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Father.



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