Name Calling!

My heart is singing! Joy, fullness of Joy.

New Heaven on Earth!

i-am Gregg Greer photo

What does your name mean? Did you hear about the woman recently, last name Perdue, meaning “lost,” became lost after going to bed in a separate bedroom than her husband because she was sick? Did you know the name Sheila means blind and the only Sheila I know has troubles with her eyesight? Did you hear that two of the doctors who supposedly treated the Orlando gay nightclub Pulse victims were named Dr. Lube and Dr. Cheat-em? Did you know Jacob means “deceiver” and God changed his name to Israel? Do you know other examples of names acting as prophesy in lives?

Immanuel is “God with us,” Jesus is “salvation,” Christ is “anointed one,”  a lion is fierce, a lamb is meek and mild, a king has power and authority, a priest carries the presence of God, a son inherits his Father’s estate, a bride is equally…

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