First Nation

Awakened by Chtist.

New Heaven on Earth!


I never looked at it this way before!

The Day of the LORD (Amos 5:18), the Dark Day, was for the first nation (Amos 6:1) Israel. The first born from the dead is Jesus, the Messiah God sent for the WHOLE WORLD who brought the new heaven and new earth. The old heavens are the astral plane, the second heaven, the fallen stars, moon and sun who were personified and made into gods/goddesses by the old-earth‘s people, the world system ruled by the fallen morning star lucifer (orion?), ancient devil (saturn?) and lilith (pleiades?), the anti-trinity: horus/osiris/isis with counterfeit spirituality and false religion. Did you ever see the subtle trickery of is-lam being one letter off from “is lamb” as in Jesus who is, was and is to come the Lamb of God and ISIS pointing to the egyptian underpinning of many religions used to give an “other”…

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