The new thing is God IN YOU, his Son in you, his Spirit in you, his anointing (Christ) in you! For the past few years, I have felt I missed the Glory.  Recent repostings will show you what has helped me focus on the Joy, smile, and laughter of the One who knows me best, … More Reconciliation

Alone with God

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Double-minded receive nothing of God The antidote for the bondage and lies of the world is to get ALONE with God. Be still and KNOW! If and when Christ is IN YOU you are all one with God now and for ever and ever. We are not saved…

First Nation

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I never looked at it this way before! The Day of the LORD (Amos 5:18), the Dark Day, was for the first nation (Amos 6:1) Israel. The first born from the dead is Jesus, the Messiah God sent for the WHOLE WORLD who brought the new heaven and…

Soul’s Journey!

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The pinnacle of our soul’s journey is the marriage supper of the Lamb! The Great Dinner, the Wedding Banquet, is celebrating the union of our soul and the Spirit of God in our living body! We are NOT our body; our body on earth is a temporary tent…

Name Calling!

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Gregg Greer photo What does your name mean? Did you hear about the woman recently, last name Perdue, meaning “lost,” became lost after going to bed in a separate bedroom than her husband because she was sick? Did you know the name Sheila means blind and the only…