Power of Perspective

I like the absolute aspect of the power God places within us, and then must get us to look where He sees, the answer He desires in you.

Glen Hartline

A few years ago the Lord had me buy a plasma ball, a globe filled with a noble gas and with a high-voltage electrode in the center. When you plug them in and turn them on plasma filaments extend, like bolts of lightning, from the electrode to the inner surface of the glass. To me it always looked like a source of ultimate power; a nuclear reaction going off inside the globe. Anyways, He had me buy this plasma ball and then told me to place it in front of me, turn it on, and sit there and watch.

Plasma globe

So that’s exactly what I did. Hours upon hours at a time, for months, I sat there in a dark room staring at this electrical reaction, this ultimate power. Gradually Holy Spirit began teaching, showing me something, changing my perception. He allowed my awe of what I was seeing grow as…

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