You Are Not Your Pain

Your faith has made you well, Jesus says to me-you- him-her-no one excluded!

Monday Jesus


You are not your pain. Don’t let a season of struggle, suffering, or grief become your identity. The last thing I would ever want to do is diminish someone’s journey, or make the mistake of assuming that everyone’s pain and recovery process are the same. They’re not. But you rarely think that you could become dependent on pain until you already are. When you look at life through a wound, physical or emotional, it’s easy to get consumed by the bitterness of why it’s happened to you, and drained of all your energy trying to protect yourself from getting hurt further.

Many people have physical limitations that they brilliantly overcome by seeing what is possible, especially from God’s perspective, and determining to go after it. But if your hopes and dreams get focused on what could have been, and imagining what horrible thing might happen next, then your pain can…

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