Magic and Monsters

Healing wounds by focusing on something else, not in the natural realm…children are both forgiving and brave.

Monday Jesus

Jamaica stronger

When we’re children, we see magic all around us. There’s an open door connecting the natural world and unlimited imagination. Then the monsters come- adults projecting their fears, failures, bitterness, hate, unhealed wounds, unmet expectations, unfulfilled dreams, and all the perversions of life they have learned from the monsters that have gone before them.

When Jesus warned people to never harm a child, He didn’t mean just physically. He meant to not to crush their spirit from being able to see, think, laugh, and love as He does. That’s also what He meant by us keeping, or recovering, a child’s heart so that you can see His kingdom your whole life. It’s not just about getting into heaven. It’s seeing His magic again, here and now.

You may have been deeply damaged by the darkest of evils. But healing you and fighting the monsters are two of the things…

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