The Terrifying Colliding Planets

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Faith Living Now

DREAM  (Sept 18, 2015)

4 planets were going to collide.  One was Earth, next was our Moon, and I don’t know the other two.  People around the world were aware that it was coming and everyone was full of terror.  I was afraid.  Everyone had given up hope and sank into overwhelming fear.colliding planets

I ran around yelling about speaking to the planets, frustrated that no one would speak to the planets.  Even my family on FB were scattered by fear and no one would listen. I attempted to speak to the planets myself, but my fear made my words ineffective.

I watched – we all watched – as these planets came into alignment.  We could see it with the naked eye as we all looked up watching.  Then the sky began to turn into a pinkish grey fog as they began colliding.


Asking Father for the interpretation was difficult…

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