Who are we?

Who are we?

I am a middle-aged woman who is learning to value words, passionate about finding true healing within them.  The value of an intentional word may be the difference between life or death,

Words have power with accountability for use.  There is evidence of positive and negative circumstances that are direct results of our choice of spoken Words.

Ripples in the water are the words affecting our family, the community, the region, and the world.

True Life conversations are experientially pivotal and find their very life springs from the spoken, intentional word.

Many interesting ideas come to mind to discuss.   Encouraging words  that overcome critical harassing words, restoring peace.

Comforting words to go forth unendingly.

What shall we talk about?

What consequences are you building?

Words of truth are for the removing of the cloud of lies.

What makes us speak words of truth?

What hinders us from speaking words of truth?

What circumstances would cause us to change our mind.

How does knowing your own identity help you make the choice of truth?

What powers words?

What emotions or thoughts of the heart and mind become fruit of words?

What do we do with emotions resulting from hurt, are there words that can refresh us? Words could depress us?

What is truth or lie, and what words do we have to say about that?

What is the key words or root words that result in pain and bitterness?

What are the words that bring peace and rest, calm and contentment?

Do words meet the needs of the starving?

Do words meet the needs of the nation in conflict?

What words or actions move a community to united action?

 The Goal

To participate in the changing of minds about what the gift of words was designed to accomplish.  Encouragement for each person, one personal encounter at a time.

Words are healing for the soul.  By our choice of words we can partner with the simple living of life, speaking forth identity, security, and contentment.  Often we must speak to ourselves first to become whole, and then the words will become actions of healing for others.

There is accountability for our gifts under heaven.  What did you do with your talent? Did you learn about Love?  Did you know that you were a treasure?

So, what’s your focus?

To encourage people to realize they have a choice that makes a difference, they are world changers, one relationship at a time, one conversation at a time, One Word at a time, and can by choice, bring heaven on earth.


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