Rolling Thunder!

There is a thunder that rolls from within you as kindness and gentleness, patience takes the place of anger and bitterness.  Yes, forgiveness completes a mighty work as mercy flows through your veins.  Fire  breathes as the healing from the Spirit of God removes all darkness weight and oppression from your body.  Your soul squeals with delight and your spirit soars as you feel the stretch of who you were meant to be and what arrives within sight?  The  beautiful One, who assures us with His Words, “I have always loved you, even before you were born.”  The intimacy of purest love awakens your heart and we are secure.  Free to be who He meant us to be, without shame or apology.  Thankfulness does not nearly describe what it feels to know that we have the key of Life, Love, Hope, as our Friend, the living God, who dwells within our hearts, residency of His abiding glory…  Because of the cross, It is still your choice to pursue this path of Joy.  What makes this path a good decision is basing it upon Truth, a whole Truth of what the cross did for our position before this tree of Love and the tree of not-love.  Life is love…  The way is Love…  The truth is Love…


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