Reposting about MTHFR and Candida Overgrowth

My MTHFR favored source………. See these links for important information. Methylation Inhibited by Candida’s Toxin by Dr Lynch on September 8, 2012 in Rants & Raves Repairing the digestive system and optimizing the flora should be one of the first steps in correcting methylation deficiency. There are countless reasons for this; however, the focus here is the relation between methionine … More Reposting about MTHFR and Candida Overgrowth

U-turn Invitation

There are many parts of me that I am not comfortable with. Mostly because I did not design myself, and perfect health has eluded me. So, I would need to find out all I can about the design, the ingredients, structures, plan, and purpose for my design to feel comfortable in my own skin. Let … More U-turn Invitation

Attitude of the Heart

Originally posted on Creative Harmonies:
For more than a decade now, perhaps even many decades, I’ve carried three daggers of pain in my soul; how mankind treats Father God, how mankind treats one another, and how mankind treats the Earth, our home. In themselves, these are driving reasons why I so love the intercessory prayer…